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ISatPhone is Inmarsat’s new mobile satellite phone, providing a simple, highly affordable way for people with voice-only satellite communication requirements to stay in touch.

Robust, compact and competitively priced, ISatPhone is ideal for business travellers and personal users who travel or work in areas where local networks are unreliable or non-existent.

ISatPhone can be used within Asia, Africa and the Middle East using Inmarsat’s latest generation I-4 satellite over the Indian Ocean Region.

A fixed version for permanent installations (the LandPhone) and a maritime version for installation on vessels (the FleetPhone) are also available.

Inmarsat ISatphone Coverage


Inmarsat Coverage




Lightweight, pocket-size handset
Rugged design
Competitively priced
Dual mode satellite / GSM 900 mobile phone
Easy to use, icon-driven menu
For use in Asia, Africa and the Middle East
Full range of accessories