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Founded in the UAE in 1997 by a consortium of leading National Telecommunications operators and International Investment houses, Thuraya offers satellite-based mobile telephone services to nearly one third of the globe.

Thuraya’s geo-synchronous satellite provides border-to-border coverage to a footprint area of more than 110 countries. Thuraya's coverage spans Europe, North, Central Africa and large parts of Southern Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia. Thuraya's services extends beyond boundaries of terrestrial networks and reach remote areas not accessible by conventional modes of mobile telecommunications.

Thuraya provides its services in a region characterized by its fixed line and cellular teledensity. Thuraya brings satellite telecommunication down from a luxury item for the affluent, to a modern yet affordable tool within the reach of the average person, whether residing in an urban area or the remotest part of geographically vast countries.

Thuraya offers satellite, cellular (GSM) service, and Global Positioning System (GPS) in a single or dual mode handset that is lightweight, elegant and easy to use.

Thuraya Coverage

Thuraya Coverage Map

The dynamic and elegant new Thuraya SO-2510 and SG-2520 handsets offers voice, data, fax and short messaging services.

The SO-2510

Thuraya SO-2510 PhoneThuraya’s new generation Thuraya handset is highly powerful and compact, offering total convenience and mobility.

World’s Smallest Satellite Phone
With the pocket fit sized Thuraya SO-2510, satellite phones are no more cumbersome gadgets to carry around.
Thuraya SO-2510 offers satellite services exclusively in a mobile handset that is as compact and light as a small GSM phone. As the world’s smallest and lightest satellite phone ever made (weighing only 130 g and measuring 118 x 53 x 18.8 mm), Thuraya SO-2510 has redefined the perception of a satellite mobile phone.

More Compact. More Style.
The Thuraya SO-2510 is sleek and stylishly designed in appearance - far from the traditionally bulky satellite phones to satisfy the present-day users’ demands in taste and convenience. In addition, the small satellite phone is built to sustain the harshest of environment and rugged usage.




The SG-2520

Thuraya SG-2520 PhoneThuraya SG-2520 is a breakthrough in satellite communication technology.
As the world’s smartest and lightest dual-mode satellite mobile phone (170g), Thuraya SG-2520 offers dynamic performance, inimitable style and innovative features surpassing all other available satellite-based products.

Smart Phone
Using cutting edge satellite technology, Thuraya SG-2520 is an advanced "smart phone" with 3-in-1 integrated technologies (satellite, GSM Tri-band and GPS) offering users an unparalleled combination of quality and performance.

GSM Tri-band
The satellite service option in Thuraya SG-2520 allows you to roam across nearly one third of the globe, from border to border; in urban areas and remote locations providing the advantages of easy mobility and seamless service beyond land-based telecommunication systems. This means that if you are in Thuraya’s coverage area you can make and receive calls anywhere in the world. And when outside the coverage area, you can also use your phone within a GSM compatible network.

Thuraya SG-2520 is the only satellite tri-band phone that provides connectivity on 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM networks offering greater flexibility in high traffic GSM environments with increased phone usability and voice quality in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America.