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The Cellular Telephone introduced a vast change to the everyday life where communications is an essential part of the internal working of any organization.

However, the cost involved is still a key factor to consider and VHF Radio still offers the cost effective alternative.

About VHF Radio

VHF (Very High Frequency) is that portion of the radio spectrum between 30 and 300 MHz and specifically in the range of 136MHz to 174MHz for the VHF Radio environment.  The application of this spectrum of the wireless communication media is suitable for terrestrial users in any combination of fixed stations, mobile stations or portable/handheld radio’s on foot.

Applications are found in the Land Mobile environment for Emergency/Public Safety Organisations, Business and Military applications.  Business can include a vast variety of disciplines i.e. Mining, Transport, Security, Farming, Nature Conservation, e.t.c.

The propagation characteristics of VHF Radio can in brief be described as short distance terrestrial, somewhat further as the geometric line of sight horizon and the radio wave follows the curve of the terrain.   It is not reflected by the ionosphere as in the case of HF Communications but travels somewhat further than Line-of-Sight (LOS) Communications as found in the propagation of UHF Radio applications.

VHF Radio propagation is negatively influenced by high terrain between radio stations and very mountainous areas in particular pose a problem as the mountain effectively screens the radio stations from each other.

This problem can be solved by Radio Repeater stations in order to overcome the high/mountainous ground between stations and can also add to the distance of a radio link by adding another “leg” of geometric line of sight horizon to the communication link.

Radio Repeater stations however poses it own challenges in terms of deployment, electrical power, security, maintenance and cost.


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