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Reivilo Technologies was founded in 2003 by Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) George Olivier.

George Olivier has 20 years of Military experience in the South African Defense Force, SA Army Signal Corps.

With the majority of his career in the military devoted to specialized Command and Control Communications and Information Systems (C³I) for the Mobile Forces and Specialized Forces as well as in the field of Electronic Warfare (EW) he had the honor of commanding a number of specialized units during the cause of his career.

During this time and since he gained most valuable experience in the fields of:

  • Satellite Telecommunication.
  • UHF Multi Channel Line-of-Sight Telecommunication.
  • Tropospheric Scatter Telecommunication Technology.
  • Long Distance High Frequency (HF) Radio Communication.
  • Medium distance Very High Frequency (VHF) Radio Communication.
  • Short Distance Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio Communication.
  • Radio Mast and Antenna Systems.
  • Landmine and Metal Detection Equipment.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Satellite Tracking including Satellite Tracking via HF Radio Network.
  • Nigh Vision Equipment.  Active, Passive and Thermal Night Vision.
  • Electrical Power Generating Equipment and Power Reticulation Systems.
  • Telecommunication Systems Planning.

Vested in this background and experience a business model was developed that includes the above specialized fields and a range of first tier suppliers and service providers now form part of the products and services offered by Reivilo Technologies.

Reivilo Technologies is also well placed to provide a wide range of Logistical Support ranging from Temporary Accommodation and Camping facilities to Catering Equipment, Clothing, Security Equipment, Forestry Equipment, e.t.c.